Whether it’s storm damage or repairs from aging, the expert team at Garden State Roofing knows what to do. Our skilled technicians will locate your roofing problem quickly and fix it in a way that minimizes future problems. You’ll get a complete evaluation that you can rely on for cutting short any more avoidable and disruptive repairs.

We know you don’t want to settle for quick fixes that don’t last and lead to bigger problems down the road.

You can trust us to repair the roof in a way that is in your best interest. Our skilled repair technicians will locate, diagnose and repair all your roof problems. We are experienced in dealing with everything from minor flat roof and shingle repairs to partial replacements.

Some of the repairs that we have extensive experience in:

  • Leaks
  • Drains, gutters, downspouts and scuppers
  • Counter flashing areas, including reglets and termination points
  • Pipes, vents and HVAC units penetrating into roofs
  • Blisters, ridging, splits and punctures
  • Pitch pans, skylights, expansion joint, hatches, RTU and curbs

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