Garden State Roofing is where you go to find high quality roofing installed by expert technicians. Why choose us? We have installed more than X square feet of roofing in the New Jersey area. Our technicians are fully trained in the latest roofing techniques and use the best manufacturers for all of our products.

We will educate you about your choices so you can confidently compare bids and materials. The lowest bid is not necessarily the best value for your money. With our expertise and experience, we are sure we can provide you the most value for your dollar, so that the life of your roof can be maximized.

Garden State Roofing offers these roof systems:

  • EPDM
  • TPO
  • MOD
  • PVC
  • Hot-Cold Bur
  • Metal
  • Bitumen

The Best Roof Coatings

A cooler roof may lower electricity demands and save you money. Coatings also protect your roof and may reduce expensive maintenance costs. Our highly reflective roof coating offers tensile strength, UV resistance for energy efficiency, superior elongation, low temperature flexibility and adhesion.

Our 3-step application process gives you extreme water resistance for the roof, flashing and penetrations.

Options available at Garden State Roofing include solar and vegetative green roofs.

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